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Fans snub Las Vegas Sevens

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Canadian 7s fans favour Vancouver 7sCanadian 7s fans favour Vancouver 7sHSBC Las Vegas Sevens will see a huge decline in Canadian Fijian fans as many regulars have taken a pass over next weekend's Vancouver Sevens.

The 1000 plus that made the Sin City plimerage to soak in the sun and shout hoarse will rather watch the games on Television.

Local Travel Agencies on questions form Sportsone reported relatively few ticket sales, it's all because the fans are eagerly waiting for the euphoria to hit Vancouver City next weekend.

Mosese and Alisi Mawai have been to every Las Vegas Seven since its inception in 2004.

But with Vancouver playing the host, the Richmond, BC, couple have finally called it a trip and will only do the Vancouver Sevens.

"You can call us sevens junkies", said Mosese.

"We've never missed the Las Vegas Sevens, 13 years in total, a lot frequent flyer points.

"We will miss out on our regular buddies, the sun, fans and of-cause the seven games but it's all good, it had to happen one day".

Raj Kumar, Lawrence Naidu and Chris Singh have joined the Mawai's and others with the stay home attitude.

The downside they agreed, will be the missed atmosphere that they so enjoyed over the last 7 years.

"We feel the need to back up the Vancouver leg of the sevens", said Kumar. "It's all about helping the Canadian Sevens grow in leaps and bounds".

Naidu said it would be nice to see Fiji win its first ever back to back championship.

"Fiji needs to shrug off the bad omen. Fiji is in it to win it, this time around", he said.

Kumar said following Fiji's emphatic Hamilton Sevens win all eyes will be on the team to pick up its form where they left and win the Las Vegas Seven for the Fijians word-over.

"Fiji is in good stead to win the Las Vages and the Vancouver Sevens, let's all root for our former beloved countrymen", said Naidu, who is all ready to balloon his lungs with the rest of the Fijians.


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