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Fijian rally behind Fiji 7s teamFijian rally behind Fiji 7s teamFIJI 7s team can depend on the raucous Fijians for support during the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Vancouver Sevens.

A S1 Media poll conducted on Tuesday, days before the start of the Vancouver Sevens revealed that a staggering 90 percent commit their unwavering show of support to the team.

When asked if their opinion is based on past laurels, majority of the responders said records had nothing to do with them backing the team.

They said it's all about being loyal and that it comes with absolutely no strings attached.

The remaining 10 percent said they except the team to up its game as there were areas that needed improvement.

They said the 19-7 semi-final loss to USA was painful, but nothing will come in the way of hearty support.

A similar poll was conducted in December of 2017, and overwhelming 95 percent of the responders voiced against supporting the team after its anemic Dubai, South Africa and Sydney Sevens run.

And off that 95 percent, a good 70 percent had indicated they would take a pass on Vancouver Sevens altogether.

But following the Hamilton Sevens win, the very fans have jumped on the wagon as the latest poll shows a rejuvenated show of support and one the team could use to its advantage to win the Vancouver Sevens, its first in the third year running of the event.


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