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You can't touch 7s rugby

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South Africa clinch HSBC WRSS title:HSBCSouth Africa clinch HSBC WRSS title:HSBCREMEMBER the 1990s rap, ‘You can’t touch this’, the signature MC Hammer hit that topped the chart for its composition and dance moves.

For sevens rugby, Fiji Airways Men's team is the musical version for its dexterity, style and hymns.


And while the MC Hammer song won the R&B, Best Song, Platinum and Solo awards, the Fiji team boasts its own record despite finishing second to South Africa for the overall championship.

For a dot country, they can sing the tune for winning the 2005-2006 and the back to back 2014-2015,2015-2016, HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, 2005 and 2007 Rugby World Cup Sevens and the 2016 Olympic gold.

The proms and precision will never be compromised as its rugby has been coined as masterpiece and that is,' You can't touch that'.

The team may have missed on winning the 2017-2018 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, but the Fijians can serenade the new rendition and celebrate the epitome of success that is being felt across the four corners of Fiji and the world.

The ingenious Fijians have won four successive tournaments, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore and London Sevens.

Hamilton is where it all came about; a remarkable feat considering what the boys were up against.

No excuses, and let’s be mindful of the fact that team was not only up against the best in the series but different time zones, conditions and that certainly puts a strain on the players.


With that the team deserves a pat on the back for being resilient throughout the campaign.


The players need to hold their heads up high for giving their all, as it was unerring and all out of pure heart, dedication and determination.

For the first time ever, the overall winner was decided in the final and the last leg of the tournament.

A testament of how fierce the competitions have become with every team playing with will.

And in a league where points can only determine championship, nothing else matters.

Coach Gareth Baber and the management deserve praise for all their hard work throughout the campaign.

There should be no disappointments after all.

We need to epitomize the chauvinism with the Fijian sense of humor that are hallmarks of the country and the rugby world.

So let's all sing the praises to the tune of ‘You can’t touch this'.


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