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All Fijian 7s slated for April

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All Fijan 7s slated for AprilAll Fijan 7s slated for AprilTHE Vancouver Sevens has inspired a Vancouver group to organize an all Fijian sevens tournament in April.

Chairman of the Fijian First Club, Anand Sami said with the following of the sport on the lower-mainland, they feel the need to host the event in summer.

“We are seriously thinking about organizing an all Fijian sevens tournament”, he said.

“We have the following and after four year running of the HSBC Vancouver Sevens, people are quite abreast about the law, easy for people to play the game”.

Sami said the FFC has already set a tournament policy, limiting i-Taukei representation.

“That is sign 3 and play 3, this way Indo -Fijian players will get to represent. It will also encourage them to participate", he said.

“Our i-Taukei brothers have natural skills, they know the game, there are a few good teams on the lower mainland, if we make it an open event, they will run a clinic and Indo Fijians will get beat to a pulp.

“With the policy we will have a fair representation. We’re though open for feedback on the policy”.

Sami said a sponsor has come forward with his sponsorship.

He said the concept had him pledge $4000 as prize money.

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