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Likely rule change for 7s tourney

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Likely rule change for 7sLikely rule change for 7sTHE Fijian First Club, the organizers of the sevens tournament in April are considering the rule change.

Club chairman Anand Sami told Sportsone today that following the announcement of the event yesterday, the FFC was inundated with calls to have the all Indo-Fijian tournament.

Sami said people feel the inclusion of the i-Taukei players, the Indo-Fijian players will not be able to compete against the know-hows of the game.

“We understand where the Indo-Fijians are coming from”, he said.

“It’s not per say we are alienating our i-Taukei players, it was never our intention to begin with, its all about the demand.

“Remember with just 3 players they would make a world of difference”.

Sami said the sponsor had agreed to the initial concept, has advised the FFC to study the rule change before making if official.

Sami said he had a brief discussion with the sponsor today and while he (sponsor) had an understanding behind the change, he reiterated about the impartiality.

“We have 2 months to go, we’ll see what response we get from our i-Taukei rugby community and go on from there. We will reach them through our contacts and bring them to the table”.

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