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Fiji 7s fans fundraaiser brainchild, Rohini Deo: Reddy picFiji 7s fans fundraaiser brainchild, Rohini Deo: Reddy picTHE brainchild of the sevens fundraiser says her group deserves praise more than she does.

Rohini Deo said while it was her idea to gift the Fijian men’s 7s team a few years back, it’s the North Americans who made her dream all possible.

“It all came about with a simple thought and that was during my vacation in Australia”, she said.

“It was in 2016, I decided it would be a great idea to do something for Olympic champions”.

She says she shared her thoughts with her friends upon her return to Vancouver and while the idea was well received, it was not until last year that they got a working group formed, who were all up for the idea.

“Honesty it didn’t happen in the first few years, we formed a group in the last two years and the success of it is before us”.

Rohini said the event has since involved the community.

“We received great response, community support helped us raise money in the two years running of the fundraiser”.

Rohini said it’s her love for Fiji and sevens rugby that really inspired her to gift the players during the Canada Sevens in Vancouver.

“I was born and raised in Fiji, I love Fiji and I love sevens rugby”.

“What better feeling is to gift the players on behalf of North Americans".

Rohini said the team gives out their all, event after event and what little they do is out of love for the game and appreciation to the players who represent.

“It’s the least we could do to appreciate their hard work, they are amazing athletes, who continue to proud us”.

“Giving out of pure heart is what it matters, I feel good and we all should feel good about the giving”.

A partial amount was handed to the players last night and the rest will be given following the completion of the Canada Sevens on Sunday.

Last year the group raised about CAN $9000.

“Amount raised doesn’t matter, what matters is our love for our nation, our country, our pride and that’s makes us proud”, Rohini said.

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