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Canadians know Fiji for 7s game

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Canadians love Fiji for 7s game Canadians love Fiji for 7s game THERE was a time when you mentioned Fiji, endless praises rolled out, from friendly people, sand and sea.

Not that they don’t anymore.

But mention the same to Canadians and pause.

They just go on and on.

It’s all about sevens rugby and how good the Fijians are at the sport.

Sevens rugby, they say has given every Fijian their sporting identity, much like Hockey is to Canucks.

Canadians who have never been to Fiji know the country for its sevens greatness.

“Sevens rugby is how I came to know about Fiji”, said Jason Williams, a born and raised Canadian.

“And the great athletes they breed, the 2016 Rio Olympics gold just got them the world recognition”.

Russel Scott, a banker said he had heard about Fiji through TV., shows and how lush, scenic and for that sun, sand and sea but it was all curiously seek.

“What hockey is to Canadians, sevens to Fijians”, said Williams, who is an ardent rugby fan.

“I follow Fiji 7s team every series. they’ve great talent and with what they do with the ball is mesmerizing”.

Marvin Ross says he was all about hockey up-until a friend offered him a free pass to the 2017 Canada Sevens in Vancouver, everything changed.

“It’s not the free pass but the game that gave me all the more reason to love the sport”, Ross said with a smirk.

“It’s the real men’s game. No body amour, pads and-or guards.

“These players are tough as it comes”.

Rosse’s buddy, Jeromy Jarvis loves Fiji for its sevens game, fans support and the party atmosphere, “you just can’t beat that”.

Canadians say with the very mention of the word Fiji, the sport of sevens and its spectacle sure comes to mind.

With a nod of approval, Canadians said when their country plays Fijians, they will cheer on for the Fijian men’s 7s team.

“You better believe it, Fiji it is”, they agreed.

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