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50k 7s event for Fiji50k 7s event for FijiA VANCOUVER businessman is prepared to sponsor a $50,000 sevens event in the country with the prize money going to charity.

Real estate magnate and restaurateur, Samuel Raj made the announcement yesterday.

He said he will be contacting the Fiji Rugby Union, the sports governance in the country to discuss his plans on how they could make it all happen.

“I will run by FRU my sponsorship intensions”, he said.

“Clear on a condition that we a 25-team event with each receiving $2,000 for their charity of choice.

“Every team will identify a charity, participate and walk away with $2,000, how good that is”.

The avid Fiji men’s 7s fan revealed that he always had a deep desire to sponsor an event, added the timing couldn’t be any better.

Samuel said considering the Covid -19 pandemic and the struggles faced by the many in the country, $50,000 charity fund would be of huge help.

The Vancouverite say they need to consider all restrictions amid the Covid -19 before coming to a decision on the event.

“We need to strategize it good and when the sporting bans are lifted, announcement be made on the date and venue.

“The whole idea is to get Fijians to come out and enjoy the event for free and have the many charities that do good everyday cash in through the sport that bridges the nation”.

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