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Roti and fish a must': Sharlin

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Sharlin Ugra(L), Fiji men's 7s 'Roti Girl'.Sharlin Ugra(L), Fiji men's 7s 'Roti Girl'.VANCOUVER-RITE and Fiji Airways men's 7s fan Sharlin Ugra will again this year treat the team to a homemade canned fish and roti delicacy.

Sharlin, fondly known as the‘roti girl’ says she has already been messaged about her specialty by returning few members of the 2020 team.

"I will continue with the tradition that I first started in 2018," she said.

“Canned fish and roti. The boys are looking forward to it."

The Fiji 7s fervent said she will provide the team with the breakfast pack at the conclusion of the the tournament.

“They love the culture food and I find it a comfort in giving.”

“Win and lose. It’s on my do list. It has become a tradition.

“I got to keep it going.”

Sharlin said she is providing the homemade delicacy in true Fijian spirit and good taste.

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