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Drua's little fans score big

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Siblings, Inia Tuburuarua and Vika Niunitoga: pix suppliedSiblings, Inia Tuburuarua and Vika Niunitoga: pix suppliedYOU would think the Fijian Drua’s historic 25-24 win against the Crusaders is much talked about in the country.

It was up until social media was lit up with a picture of two young rugby fans, with the youngster shoulder surfing while enjoying the game.

In what has become the most liked, commented and shared picture gaining traction, Fijians in Fiji and abroad have been moved with the duo’s love for each other that they've offered sponsorship to Drua’s next home game, including accommodation, meals to the best seat in the house.

Sportsone has learnt today the young fans are siblings, brother and sister who are fervent Drua fans.

Inia Tuburuarua, who is 4-years old, shoulder surfed his older sister Vika Niunitoga, the picture was taken by Tuma Duikete, a fan at the park who posted on social media and has gone viral.

The 11-year old, Vika, according to her mum Venina Tuburuarua has a strong head over her shoulders who convinced her brother to step up to watch their cousin and Drua player, Elia Canakaivata in action pitch-side against the Crusaders.

“My daughter’s love for her brother is unconditional,” said Venina.

“My children are huge fans of Drua and Elia, so we decided to root for the team."

Venina said her family of four left Nabila in Nadi as early as 6am to buy the tickets in Nadi Town and return home, rested for a few hours before traveling to Lautoka for the match.

“My children were very excited for the game, it sure was an expensive round trip but out of love for the sport, it was well worth it."

Venina’s husband Ulaiasi Niunitoga works at Namotu Island Resort in Mamanuca Group and the two take turns in taking the children to the games in the West.

“We are originally from Nabitu, Nadroga and so the love for rugby is ingrained in us all,” she said.

“Inia and Vika would take every opportunity to be in the audience."

Venina has been inundated with messages and calls through Facebook messenger and WhatsApp and the siblings are awestruck being in the focus of attention.

She added that her daughter Vika is her brother’s keeper.

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