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Work hard, live life: Babu


Kashmir Singh Babu (M) with wife and fatherKashmir Singh Babu (M) with wife and fatherFROM being a farmer to a grocery store manager, to selling sweets on roadside and now earning a decent living as a shopkeeper.

Kashmir Singh Babu, is a go getter, who never shied away taking opportunities that came his way.

The Malolo, Nadi resident says good decisions could lead to becoming successful in life.

“I did just about all kinds of jobs out there, farmer, supermarket manager, sweet seller, now a shop owner”, he said.

Mr. Singh said when life throws curve balls, hit them out one at a time and get motivated.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown and restrictions, his business took a big hit and with years of grocery experience he decided to set up a home-based store.

“It’s okay to switch profession, what is not okay is not to learn, draw the positives by moving forward, good things happen to people who try”.

Everything, Mr. Singh did was done out of pure hard work and believing in himself.

“Of all jobs I held, the food industry is where I spent 30 years, walking my way up, from a packer, shelving, to a floor manager at Food 4 Less’ supermarket in Nadi”.

“I loved every bit of the work. You need to enjoy whatever you do, it is my work ethics that got recognized when I became a manager”.

Mr. Singh quit working as a manager at Food 4 Less, to try out something different, he saw confectionery business as thriving, and leased out a sweet cart at a cost.

“I spotted my cart opposite the Nadi bus stand, business was good, my daily income was about $100-200 a day”. Before that I sold on roadsides in the Martintar and Kennedy Avenue stretch”.

He said the downturn in business, like every other, left him with no choice but to quit confectionery and set up his own store.

“I had the know-how, I’m providing a service to people outside the town perimeter, they also save a lot from paying premium dollar”.

Mr. Singh said people need to make good decisions, more so now as the rising number of Covid-19 cases is threatening lives and killing people who are not adhering to restrictions placed by authorities.

“Make good decisions, work hard, be successful and live life"


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