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Pensioner helps the needy


Pensioner reaches out to needyPensioner reaches out to needyWHEN fate hands you money, help the poor, says pensioner Dhanraji Dass.

The 79- year-old, Vancouver senior has opened her wallet for the needy in Fiji, her country of birth.

And out of necessity, the $2000 she saved up, would help those that face real hardships amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m a Canadian, yet Fijian at heart and a pensioner”, said Ms. Dass, who migrated to Canada in 1988.

She said the pandemic has taken a devastating toll in Fiji with positive cases on the rise, and with the struggles faced by people, help is needed.

“I hear about the hardships in the face of devastation of the virus, which gains momentum in the country, I just couldn’t sit back and do nothing about it”.

“My heart aches hearing all the sufferings. We all have to do our little part”.

Fiji has been reporting a huge case rise, averaging 1000 daily.

Ms. Dass urges former Fijians in overseas to help their immediate families and relatives who are suffering.

“People are out of work. A small help goes a long way", she said.

“Let us feed a mouth at a time, we will be glad we did.

“When you give, you receive in ten folds".


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