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Speedos friends meet in New Zealand


Former members of the Speedos Club in New ZealandFormer members of the Speedos Club in New ZealandAS time passes, the bond forged on soccer field gets stronger no matter how many years go by.

The faces seem old, wrinkles endless but the stories and friendship lives on.

And with the view, a group of former Speedos Club footballers and officials got together for a union in Auckland, New Zealand on Friday.

Azmat Ali who represented the club between 84-90, said the union was to catch-up on the good times, the brotherhood and memories made during their footballing days.

“The fact that a small group got together after all these years shows the camaraderie of the group”, he said.

“It’s unfortunate that our brothers who call home in Fiji, Australian, USA and Canada were not part of us, because of the Covid-19 travel restrictions”.

Ali said the New Zealand representatives have drawn up plans for an all-out reunion once the international borders and travel restrictions are lifted.

“We are planning on a Fiji reunification, at our home-base in Lautoka”.

“As the players get older, the conversations — and events at the unions — often change from talking about their own lives to more about their families and relishing on the good footballing times”.

Ali said the Viber group that they’ve created embodies former footballers with life stories, gusto of jokes, pictures, and the feel-good updates.

Speedo’s footballers represented both the Lautoka district and Youth teams between 83-95.


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