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EFFRA desperate for financial help

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THE Ex-Fiji Football Reps Association is in desperate need of financial help.

The association that was formed in 2020, to protect, provide and assist its membership is facing the pinch of the financial stress.

And this past week, John Grey who is the president made a public appeal to football fans world over to help.

While the appeal is genuine, Grey’s immediate help could come from EFFRA, patron, Rajesh Patel, and successful businessmen like Babu Rattan Deo, Vinod Patel, Dr. Ram Raju, and Raymond Singh, who are the trustees.

Their entitlement proves the level of respect that was given them on a body that is otherwise for the former footballers.

The financial support will allow EFFRA to continue with the good work of providing the necessary assistance to the aged old, described as sickly, and who are facing daily hardships.

“These men are now old, forgotten, desperate, retired and mostly unemployed and have daily needs”.

It is said that there is no greater calling than to help your fellow footballers.

There is no greater contribution than to help the weak and sickly.

And there is no greater satisfaction than to have done it to once the makers of the beautiful game who represented the country out of passion, who now look to live their lives with dignity.

Players welfare fund

There have been calls for the establishment of a player’s welfare fund to be utilized for future retired players struggling with severe financial difficulties, to failing health, despite having had successful and healthy careers in the game.

A potential move should be discussed with the football regulatory body, suggesting a certain percentage of the gate-takings to profits to be contributed towards the fund.

It’s a tough task, one that isn’t likely to come to fruition, but EFFRA can’t say they didn’t give it a try.

Fans help

For now, desperate times call for desperate measures.

And the responsibility is being passed on to the sports fervent, the fans.

For the former national footballers respect is measured in living, and livelihood.

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