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What's the rush for football to return?

Opinions / Analysis

WHAT is the rationale behind the Fijian soccer league’s rush to restart the season.

What thrill if any would it generate out of the footballers to get back on the field.

What the governance failed to recognize is the fact that for 15 months, footballers and everyday people had been under strict Covid -19, Province wide restrictions, abstaining from outside travel to family functions and religious gatherings.

And with easing restrictions that was announced last month, why all the rush to football.

If anything, footballers would likely lay down the marker on summer resolution and more.

Like making up for the missed opportunities on the get together, catching up on families, friends and enjoying outdoors in a more social space.

For the need should never be compromised, it must always be given the standing prominence against the want, and if the sport of football is the need, then we are losing foresight for better things in life.

Not that footballers are not health conscious, they are, but the substitute of which could be self training and pickup games that would help keep the body and mind in sync.

The crux of the matter is the league failed in its responsibility when it called out for interests to restart football is preposterous.

Kudos to masters footballers, who took a pass on the league's call to competitive football. 

And recognizing the games would be played without the much fanfare, due to health restrictions, there would not be much excitement on the offer.

It is said that If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people and things, and enjoy little things that life has to offer every day.

Footballers need to enjoy life’s moments, the refreshing moments by amplifying it.

Not football, not for now.

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