NEIL Adrakar with pallbearers carry the casket of his father, Parveen Adrakar to his final resting place.

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Unity in wrinkles

Opinions / Analysis

THE coming together of two of North America’s football organizations in a uniter competition hasn’t ironed out the wrinkles.

The North American Fijian Soccer Association and Canada America announced last year that they have merged for the greater good of the sport.

The unifier was about bringing the fans under one umbrella, enjoying and embracing football fiesta that otherwise was split with respective organizations as hosts.

While the notion of unity rang supreme at the outset, the hold out by US teams to participate in the California Cup has become a bane for the two party merger.

USA teams have opted to play at home rather than travel for the NAFSA/CANAM event.

Norfork East Bay being the only premier club joining the unifier tournament, Island Boys USA, Palo Alto and Sacremento will play in the Masters division.

It appears the old warts between the USA and Canada need more time to heal.

The 6-year hiatus hasn’t signalled the end of disagreements or has it.

Power players

IT has become a Fijian footballing psyche and at the heart of it is a penciled promise of incisiveness.

It is disunity, power phenomena, and the love for power over power of love that breeds rift.

As they say, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

And in football, nothing seems to make people more amorous than a title.

Leaders who lack good moral understanding only thwart the progression.

Let’s bring people together through the beautiful sport than fan the division and diversion flame.

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