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Why do people strive for power

Opinions / Analysis

Why do some people strive for power? Why do others strive for fame and recognition? Why do some people fight eagerly to attain status?

Well! Recently the power phenomena of sort had me setback in awe as I was accosted of being too critical about the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver with some of my writings.

And the man who threw the monkey wrench is none other than a level headed seasoned soccer administrator.

Bosso, as I have always called him, had recently been bestowed with a ranking responsibility with the league’s Nation’s Cup team.

Impertinently as he sounded and respect aside, I ran him by his many outcry’s about the league among other know how’s of the game in the recent past.

Bosso put behind his many disagreements, the noted of all the bureaucracy that had him hold an opinion about the people who thwarted his candidacy for the leagues leadership run. My tilt is towards a pity membership renewal some years back.

Remember he was a parity patriarch until the new found fame and that set in motion the whole power spin question.

I have covered sports of all forms stretching for over 29 years and while I have seen how status has changed positions, I had never expected someone of his calibre to tune up much to my amazement. 

I used to think that ambition to him was not even a word, yet I was proved wrong as I   discovered that power of positions have right the wrongs.

I was of the belief ambitious people are the ones who are in need of the most of something and that's why they have a burning desire to pursue it, my friend Bosso you not one of them but then why the change of heart.

Let be known people who strive for power not necessarily Bosso, are the ones who are in need of it the most. As a result of their reach and experiences some people have developed the need for superiority and for being powerful then they grew up as power seeking adults.

Case in point, a self-made millionaire might have been born in a rich family but most self-made billionaires suffered from extreme financial  insecurity earlier in their lives.

This means that insecurity creates strong desires and motivates people to strive for whatever can make them feel secure. People who strive for money are the ones who need it the most and the same goes for power in soccer.

If a child felt powerless, neglected or weak early in his life then there is a very big possibility that he will strive for power when he grows up.

Personality is nothing more than a set of traits that people develop in order to fulfill the drives they acquired when they were children.

It’s more like someone who didn’t get the attention among his crowed and so felt weak then his personality traits will develop in such a way that allows him to strive for power.

That someone and I know of a few have become very competitive and overly ambitious.

Bosso, though who was critical of the way the league was run was not one of them but the spate has evidently had me awe struck.

In the game of power, if you are in need then you are still considered weak and you can only be truly powerful when you have met your truth.

Usually those who strive for power go through a never ending journey and always remain in need of it even if they know they’re living with an inferiority complex.

A good example is of a man who worked in a ‘photo shop’ and as years passed on became a lurking opportunist.

While from the outside he appears superior from the inside there is a big possibility that he is so much in need of your approval and attention more than you are in need of his position.

I have on numerous occasions highlighted on the people who seek  attention through the love for power, I’m though for the power of love.


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