New Zealand Nadi Legends and Nadi Legends in a group picture after the inaugural Joe Lutumailagi Cup game in Nadi yesterday. NZ Nadi won 2-1.

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The Fijian Soccer League season kick starts Sunday, which means a flurry of usual activity is expected around the designated parks.


The fans, the teams and the players, add to the rivalry, the taunts, the cool beverages and pops and the catering on the go.


The next four months as translated by one former player as 'the Fijian drama' waiting to unfold.


The squabbling to factions, he feels a need for redress as its more than what soccer's peace building qualities translates.


On the note, I may add that I have been around the many parks in the Vancouver and Surrey corridor for two dozen years and believe me our love for the game has never been any less versus other crazy soccer nations or leagues  but with a difference.


The difference is, we're one bunch that seem to own up the unwritten rule of the game by way of disagreements and discontent, not that the other leagues don’t have their fair share of dissidents but we have surpassed over the years.


Our know - how is incomparable, in that we know just about every rule there is for the beautiful game or do we?


The former player says the behavior of some teams and players have deserted hundreds of fans including soccer loving families because of profanity and vulgar hurled for no reason.


He asks, has  the governance done anything to attract fans, or walk heads held up to the comfort of the cushions.


He adds that every loss is challenged as individuals vent out their displeasure by way of getting up close on the face of aggression.


What is sad about it all is while the professionals, just a connotation, the  amateurs of the sport have for all the right reasons excelled with the trainings and development, specific strategies to game plans, our less ‘Bazaar’ like standard over several moons have been mortified.


“There is absolutely no direction on the part of the ownership or the governance to resurrect the ailing league anytime soon, the premier league team affiliation is a telling factor. Masters Division allows the league to hold core status and that itself is embarrassing.


"What we’re good at is on ridiculing, settle old scores and holding grudges throughout the season and beyond”.


A 1973 article by Richard Sipes in the journal American Anthropologist distilled the debate into two simple, but contrasting, arguments.


One is that soccer is not a combative sport and is not a substitute for aggressive behavior -- that the presence of sports is a healthy way for people to discharge their competitive urges.


Soccer’s all about unity and to put some perspective look no further than Ghana


The news of the Ghana national team making it to the World Cup ended months of aggression between the factions, closes the schools, closes the shops, closes a city and stopped a war.


The sport brokered a three year cease fire of civil war as the feuding factions talked for the first time in years, and the president called a truce.


The other is that sports induce a warlike attitude, abetting conflict rather than reducing it with a pacifying effect.


Our tilt is more towards the latter as the verdict will be out after week one of season, and talked about in homes, social gatherings and during work and breaks. We’re Fijians remember! We know it all!.


Recently I was taken aback by a new immigrant’s inquisitiveness about the Fijian soccer league and that if it's true it’s the worst rated league on the lower-mainland, I responded by saying it depends who you talk to.


To further quench my curiosity seeks he told me he had read a recent story on Sportsone and the results of the recent poll conducted clearly calls for a new  league. It's when I took my fifth.


They say soccer will never improve on its own unless the people improve themselves.

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