New Zealand Nadi Legends and Nadi Legends in a group picture after the inaugural Joe Lutumailagi Cup game in Nadi yesterday. NZ Nadi won 2-1.

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On a brink of extinction

Opinions / Analysis

Strike a conversation with a soccer know-how about the Fijian Soccer League and pause.


Then follows comments, words and phrases to describe as it is.

Among the worsts of words, “Worst league there ever exists” almost immediately pops up.

Let be known soccer which is a favorite sport for measly 2% of Fijians during summer is accumulating disrespect and is struggling to survive.

It is a good 15 years, the very same league inflicted harm to Fiji Football Association of British Columbia by way of forming a breakaway league, leapfrog to 2015 and it is gasping for survival and if the current trend holds  there will be no league in the near future.

The league has obviously hit the curb and much has to do with its tailored rule that is making it hard for the teams to stay active.

The blind eye approach is blamed on progress.

The cost borne factor is colossal. The team, players and officiating takes a huge chunk of cash and it has become a burden on teams.

The consensus is widespread; many feel the less giving league has thwarted interest among those that love the beautiful game.

I strongly believe money is the main driver of soccer success, which the head honchos need to be mindful off.

To resurrect there needs to be a drastic change top - down. The self-centered and ambitious bunch must be obliterated for progress to begin otherwise expect more of the same.

The new season starts in less than a month and here the league has six teams in the premier division, it’s striking decline from the very get-go when the league had sizable clubs. And had there not been the masters division, it’s almost certain the head honchos would've had to call it a season, this day is not far insight though.

Revered and championship synonymous, Tanoa FC has voiced outrage on the lackluster governance, the club has opted out and has joined the Richmond Summer League.

President Sailesh Mishra told Sportsone in November of 2014, the move offers them the competition that they seek.

“The competition will enhance the standard of our game”.

Mishra added the year’s substandard football was reason enough for the move.

“We can’t waste away our future. We must get focused and recognize development”.

He vehemently said the Fijian League had no vision and structure. This is the view of people who follow the sport with all the might.

Also ending its tenure is the Fiji Saints, a club that drew most attention for its perks and privileges.

It is no secret that Fijian League has been mired in governance for many years.  The challenges keep piling up, illustrating the extent to which the organization lag behind in terms of standards.

What goes around comes around.


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