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It's all about the will

Opinions / Analysis

LET'S put behind all the would and the could of the Fiji Airways 7s missed 2017-2018 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series title.

Now it's all about the will, to win the Rugby World Cup 7s in San Francisco, USA, for the third time.

It will also be a redemption time on the part of the team that after winning five tournaments, off that four consecutive, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore and London Sevens, squandered it on a mere 2-point differential, (180-182) to eventually winners and nemesis South Africa.

A lot has been said, if you will, and a lesson well learned following the Paris 7s, Cup Quarterfinal loss to England.

And that infamous, Capitan Jerry Tuwai's kick, that stirred up the' would and the could' on many forums, social media, main stream news and around other gatherings.

It is, what it is.

No amount of the possible would and could've changed the outcome.

What's done is dusted, what's up is future and it is what matters the most for the men who will represent the country, its people and the fervent world over.

Focus is on World Cup and having won twice before at the very stage, 1997 and 2005, Fiji knows the feel of the Melrose Cup.

But staring down the barrel will be reigning champions New Zealand, who have always proved at big stage, they've pulled it against all odds, they turn snarl against Fiji as earth gives way.

For this is the team that obliterated Fiji during the Commonwealth Games final and equals with two World Cup titles, they will be joined by England and Wales who won a championship each.

South Africa, Australia and Argentina have reached the final and could spoil Fiji's party at the podium if the Fijians fall asleep at the switch.

While coach Gareth Baber has the players, the task may not be easy as all the teams seem to have Fijians' number.

The sporting cliché, you just don't win the games because you've the best players, versus the games are won when the players bring out the best in them and play for one another and that's what makes champions.

Baber knows the potential, he knows his players strengths and the weaknesses.

He is also quite abreast of what to expect from the opponents.

The ace of it all is, his team is known for its outrageous offloads, thumping tackles and silky moves, that have become the trademark, yet it all comes down to discipline and the crucial decision-making in every game.

And with a sublime core of the Trailer, Semi Radradra, the Beast, Semi Kunatani, the Sledgehammer, Eroni Sau, the Bus, Josua Tuisova and the 'Silky as the chefs’ apron, Jerry Tuiwai, impossible is nothing.

If there is a will, there is a way.

Yes, we can.


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