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Patience is a virtue

Opinions / Analysis

A chorus of criticism made its round on social media following Fiji Airways 7s Cup quarterfinal loss to USA in Dubai 7s.

We saw it coming, as this seems to have become a trend among the sports fervent every time the team losses.

But the moment the team goes on to win a tournament, the tide changes, such was the case when Fiji vanquished USA 29-15 to win the Cape Town Sevens, the likes jumped on the celebration wagon singing praises.

Many Fiji sports forums and I must admit, the reputable with over 100 to 150 thousand subscribers, among other things, made a crying call for coach Gareth Baber’s removal and even challenged the players’ selection.

What the fans need to fully understand is that patience is the key to garner the desired results.

It takes time for individuals to jell in a team sport, and when new players make the run on the team, patience is by far the most important ingredient to develop technically proficient and accomplished athletes.

Ratu Meli Derelagi, Vilimone Botitu and Filimoni Tuimaba, held on their own on debut tournament but did they ever stepped in and stepped up in South Africa to help end the 13-year jinx.

These players will only develop and mature athletically, technically, and tactically at different rates of the game.

All they need to focus is on work hard, pay attention to detail, and compete to become better over time.

And with season veterans like, Jerry Tuwai, Kaliono Nasoko, Sevouloni Mocenecagi,Vatemo Ravouvou and Aminoni Nasilasila, they sure have guidance over the long term.

For those, who are quick to ridicule the team, it is said, patience is very important than you might think.

Not only does patience help you manage any unwanted emotions you might experience, it also helps players on the pitch, helps them stay focused and don’t have criticisms to worry about.

It also builds confidence and have the coach confide in their ability.

Cape Town Sevens has helped coach Gareth Baber find a niche, he needs to build up on it here on and maintain it throughout the remaining 8 legs.

The team needs to replicate the Cape Town Sevens performance all over again starting at Hamilton Sevens, it is what got the team all revved up last year and set in motion the quadruple title haul.

Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore and London Sevens had Fijians enjoy the run, except that Sin City, Las Vegas Sevens that stood on the way.

The long series can make the followers restless and anxious at times.

But they need to appreciate the importance of staying patient.

Patience is a virtue.

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