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THE prevailing opinion that the Fijian League is on the verge of becoming a defunct organization can’t be refuted.

The sinking feeling is that the league that was built on the parallels of parity, competition and good governance is anything but.

For fervent, the league is short on status, worse off, in the last few years it has become a veteran’s bazaar league and for the very reasons, the fans withdrew themselves from the games.

The suffering though is felt by both the premier and veteran players alike.

At the outset, the mounting anger about the disbandment of premier football.

And the masters teams have tuned up the dissatisfaction chorus with the way the league is run, for reasons teams had forfeited their scheduled games.

Kelvin Kumar is of the understanding that given the sad situation the league is in; it will have to call it a league very soon.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no league next year”, he said.

Kumar said while other community run associations are making lead ways with growing memberships and competition, the Fijian League is headed in the opposite direction.

“People involved with the sport are losing the trust and confidence in the league”, he said.

“There’s a dire need for levelheaded and fresh faces to bring about the changes”.

Kumar who plays in the Richmond League said he grew up watching his cousins play during the premier football days, adds the league was competitive and fun.

“I was looking forward to playing in the league, but the premier league is completely abolished”, he said.

“Young and upcoming players don’t have an open age group league. Most have no choice but to play in other leagues”.

Former master’s player, Sanjay Naidu said he couldn’t agree more with Kumar.

He added the current set of officials have lost the plot.

“It all comes down to vision, I don’t think they have it”.

Naidu said the league has been taking shots at the community for the lack of support by helping them start the premier league.

“Support will only come when everyone is ready to work for the common goal”, said Naidu.

“Nothing will change or get done unless the league changes its outlook on governance, progress, training and the development”.

Likewise, on the league run Facebook, one Kris Goundar called for changes within the board, but he and other footballers were in loggerheads with the league’s secretary.

“Nothing will change unless you actively get involved in the administration. So far, we have seen you are only criticizing but no constructive solutions. Social media is not the platform to make changes. You need to volunteer 100's of hours and then make changes. Sitting on the sideline and yelling at the players on the field is not a game changer.

“From leagues perspective, there's a typical negative sentiments amongst few Fijians against many who are actively involved in enjoying what's set as a sports platform by the league. Perhaps, those handful are unhappy with their own plight.
Because league stands truly with its rule and policies, it doesn't settle well with many who's requests are rejected to bend the rules. Guess that's why they are upset about little things then weighing in benefits”, said the secretary.

Yusuf Daud said, “To be honest it’s more than a few. The sentiment goes strong deep into most teams. Only few are vocal, and they seem to be muted without any constructive conversation to come up with solutions. And don't tell me the AGM is that platform because that meeting is by far unprofessional and the board's agenda gets pushed through without proper deliverance”.

Naidu says the league’s explanation doesn’t make much sense.

He said the sports know how’s, administrators and fans know who all are at the end of the league’s downfall.

“While the league has called for suggestions in the way of emails, every time we use the Facebook to express our views the league gets all worked up and offensive. I'm afraid email messages will ever be given any considerations”, Naidu said.

“All I can say is every rise has a fall, it’s just a matter of time”.

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