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Time to step in and step up

Opinions / Analysis

RONALD Chaudhary had good intentions, when he pressed for reconciliation between rival North American football bodies.

And as a passionate footballer, he was only doing it out of love for the sport.

He deserves the plaudits.

The veteran Vancouver footballer’s call attracted mixed reactions from both sides of the aisles, for and against.

Among the opinionated were prominent footballers, coaches and fans, of which the strongest respondents were members of Fijian soccer league, who supported the merger.

Wouldn't it be a fair take that Chaudhary, who commands a huge respect in the footballing community take a lead role to help the league from further deterioration than draw support for the one-off yearly tournament.

He is quite abreast of the situation the league is in and he has the power to convince people around him for the greater good of the sport.

But why did he choose North American merger which is not likely to happen in the first place versus reaching out to help the league.

Is it that he is more attracted to a high level of competition?, competitive edge that is.

If that what it is, than certainly it fits his profile, as he has himself played top level football stretching field to field in Fiji, USA and Canada and wants the best out of the two countries, or it is because there’s no ears to heed to his advise.

And if competition alone is what he is looking for, than he needs to identify people not necessarily form the current board, contest the election and vote out the career executives, even if it takes losing a few friends on the way as no one is bigger than the sport.

Remember it is the comfort of the cushions that have people remain in their seats, football will go nowhere unless they’re booted out.

He needs to put in a concerted effort to rejuvenate the sport, restart with the premier level football, train and develop top level players who would then play competitive football.

Chaudhary also knows that a skeleton masters teams are all that is keeping it together in an otherwise inactive league.

“Fijian soccer will stop babysitting master’s players from next year. The platform will be there if teams wants to get together and use it”, a recent post on the league run social media, Facebook has cleared everyone’s doubt on what the future holds for the master’s players.

“The aim will be to entirely focus on expanding the current youth program by putting all the resource and energy”.

This is the kind of league the footballers are in, messages popup on questions without much consultation and due process.

It also inculcates on the powers of some from within.

Like the two rival North American bodies, the Fijian league has people who love power, these people need to get off the high horse.

What goes without saying is that, while the CANAM received rave reviews from every spectrum of footballing community, the NAFSA tournament and the Fijian league are on the criticism end.

It is the opportune time for Chaudhary to step in and step up, like he said he would for a merger, and bring about the much-needed change for the better.

Nothing precludes him, unless he is muted from the powers within.

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