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McKee's brutal lesson

Opinions / Analysis

YOU would think overconfidence wouldn’t be an issue for the Flying Fijians coach John McKee.

But it obviously was.

McKee’s decision to sit the core of the team that played Australia backfired.

He needs to be honest, in that his overconfidence only had him suffer 30-27 loss to Uruguay at Kamaishi Memorial Stadium.

It goes without saying that true confidence is certainly important in sports.

But that’s when you have the players, who believe they can win or have a chance to actually realize that outcome.

They also need to realize they can lose the game, too, on the lack of giving it all.

Obviously the players that took the field didn’t measure up against their opponent, coach McKee needs to man up and take full responsibility for Fiji’s sad loss.

It’s him, who at the outset failed to gauge that Uruguay was a competitor just as any other in the Rugby World Cup.

He also failed to realize they had been preparing hard for their opponents for the last 4 years, no matter who it was, they maintained their focus.

Leone Nakarawa, Alivereti Veitokani, Semi Radradra and captain Dominiko Waqanniburotu and those that around them lacked the spark.

Having 12 players sit,shows how overconfident McKee was coming into the Uruguay game, he certainly got taught a brutal lesson.

Now with the remaining two games, against Georgia and Wales, McKee needs to play the best, not out of overconfidence but hope.

Time will is of essence and so is his future.

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