NEIL Adrakar with pallbearers carry the casket of his father, Parveen Adrakar to his final resting place.

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Fijians hurt, life goes on

Opinions / Analysis

THE Fiji Airways Flying Fijians Rugby World Cup exit sure hurts the games fervent.

This includes the players, their families and the nation.

What hurts even more is the fact the team put itself in that position after the bizarre defeat at the hands of Uruguay that ultimately cost them a place in the quarterfinals.

The 29-17 loss to Wales had the fans, foes and neutrals express their frustration on what many believe was the best team ever assembled for the RWC that failed to live up to the expectations.

Emotions, if anything got the better of the Fijians across the globe.

Many social media savvies took to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to resent and calm their nerves by offering prayers for the team.

“These are after-all Fijian players, battered and bruised, they’ve given their all, they have lives after rugby”, said Isikeli Ratulaila on Twitter.

“The team had made many sacrifices, among them being away from their loved ones to represent. We need to pray rather than ridicule”.

Ronald Singh said Fiji lost to Wales in the latter stages of the game, ‘on that last push if you will’.

“Fiji are out of the World Cup but can leave with their heads held high on the back of this performance”, he said on Facebook.

Jason Smith, the Canadian who was at the Oita Bank Dome described Fiji as “the nails-hard”, on Instagram.

“I watched it live. I give it to Fijian players, tough loss. Rare breed.

“Tell me if they’re not hurting after the elimination”.

Jagat Jeet Singh said rugby involves way more physical contact with a whole set of unpredictable variables than playing the piano or trombone.

“There is always life to live, we’re all hurting, it’s no brainer to hurt the already hurt, the players with nasty comments. It’s over move on”.

Jagat said people need to keep their senses attuned than trash talk on the team for just losing only a rugby game.

While hundreds of messages made its rounds on social media forums nothing beats the cliché’ ‘wear that big Bula smile and live on’- Tweets, Steven Allen.

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