Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 12th Euro Championship goal, but his team got beat 4-2 to throw the 'group of death' wide open.

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Nasim earned the status

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HE may not be a licensed football coach but that doesn’t preclude him from coaching Canada's FANCA team.

The appointment of Abdul Nasim as the head coach is deserving and more.

If anything, his honest contribution and hard work is what earned him the job.

The former footballer has been around the sport long enough to know the game.

And as such he doesn’t need a seal of authenticity to put him behind the bench as some very reputable coaches with one have failed being at the helm.

Nasim has played under good coaches during his days and learnt how they conducted themselves.

It goes without saying, he has sponged in both the positives and negatives to make his run.

He has also seen how his predecessors conducted themselves on and off the field, some of whose behaviors were preposterous.

For they, failed to realize their power of position short-lived and short-loved.

The key point is that Nasim needs to be himself ahead of his tenure, that is not to follow the template but to create one for the good of the game, the governances and publicity.

He has just less than a year to identify, select and build on a winning combination to be at the summit of the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament in New Zealand.

The truth is, he has the character and is a right fit in his new role.

And with that prevailing sense of trust with Al Salaam/ Sabeto over few years, his appointment's been accentuated.

That is, with or without the coaching accreditation.

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