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Football 'FACT' disaster

Opinions / Analysis

ADVERSE weather, poor pitch, empty seats and even football standard during the Vodafone Fiji FACT was no procession this year.

The beautiful game was mired with problems from the start of the event at Subrail Park.

And literally the pity field is what precluded footballers from bringing out their best games.

And nor did in the history of organized topflight football a tournament was played on such a horrible field, all while stadiums with quality fields sit idle.

It is sad that while football has progressed in the leaps and bounds, Subrail Park makes one bethink of the early days of competition.

Subrail Park was a disaster, drawn in comparison to a paddy field and who would stand to argue that.

The unplayable surface made it difficult for footballers to play structured football, it also raised the safety concerns.

The coaches, and here I vouch they all aggrieved about the pity field and injuries.

But the football governances stood firm on their resolve and played the conditions by the ear.

On the understanding that Labasa fans were owed an event and any suggestions on relocation would not go down well with the fans.

While the governance followed through its promise, local fans did not return the noble favors during the grand finale match who abandoned the stands with their team, following its 3-1 loss to Suva in the semifinal.

The heads should have rolled, an informed decision made to have the grand finale moved either in the Southern or the Western division and off cause refunds made.

This would have prevented football fans from voicing their disgust at the football body.

And with the $25,000 on facilities upgrade, football sure got shortchanged on mighty Mother Nature’s doings.

Let us give the beautiful game its glamour back.

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