New Zealand Nadi Legends and Nadi Legends in a group picture after the inaugural Joe Lutumailagi Cup game in Nadi yesterday. NZ Nadi won 2-1.

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New football league promises hope

Opinions / Analysis

THE old faces of Fijian footballing community are at it again, forming yet another football league.

The fourth in the last 37 years (1984-2021) of organized football.

And as revealed by an insider, the Fiji Soccer Association of Canada is ready to take the sport to the next level through good governance, transparency, and competition.

But while the idea seems all to posh, as any competitor against the inactive Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver is good news, it is the nonpublic engagements, invites of interest that raises some concerns.

Through few details, it is also learnt that the new body has been having clandestine meetings between sports old power brokers.

Their good intention is to set up a strong platform of footballs know how’s before making it public and begin play once the Province- wide Covid-19 restrictions are lifted on sports.

What seems strange though, is that many on the new league were onetime strong proponents of the FSLGV, who championed their decisions, reforms, and policies.

And now this, so it comes as a complete surprise on what led to the fallout and for whatever may have triggered them to sever ties.

The lilt of which could well be the power phenomenon, control, and deterioration of the sport in the community.

What shapes the new league is yet to be seen but one thing is clear that footballers would love to see the beautiful game given hope.

Football deserves far better, out with the iron fist rule, with much more respect, return of the premier league and a good prize money.

And the membership deserves a voice, albeit the AGM, under the Fijian League nothing changed.

The suspension of the premier football in the last five years had completely dissipated footballers interest.

In the later years, the league had also become a master’s league with fewer less clubs.

If the new league adopts a new football order of being all inclusive, free of coercion and influence and be opened to changes for the greater good of the sport then the footballing community has the league, or else.     

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