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Trina's luck of the draw

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IT is all about the luck of the draw for Trina Davis, the USA based Fiji Women's national team footballer.

And the one opportunity that she needed had finally befallen her and the race to greatness begins.

The American born footballer has put doubters to skip a heartbeat when last week she signed a contract with ASA Tel Aviv University Soccer Club, a professional women’s team in Israel.

The 19-year-old had strived hard every step of the way, but a fair share of credit goes to her proud parents, mother Vikashni Davis, a Fijian and father Scot Davis, an American.

Trina shared, ‘Never seen mum smile as big as she did and my dad was proud of me, it was emotional’.

It is her parents, who sacrificed their time for the budding footballer’s training and development from an early age and to see that she lives out her dream of playing professional football.

For Trina, all she ever wanted was to become a professional, her dedication to the sport, determination towards quality training and development under good coaches, capped her success.

A special mention made to former Fiji football head coach, Christophe Gamel is deserving, who she kept in close contact following his abrupt resignation in August of 2019.

Gamel was accused by several of U-23 men’s and women’s national team footballers of alleged verbal abuse, including swearing, and threats of physical violence.

He was cleared of all the allegations by the FFA.

But through it all, Gamel with his outreach of the footballing network helped Trina find an agent who helped with the contract.

For a girl who grew-up in the backdrop of women footballing prowess, the ‘Stars and Spangles’ USA Women's team, who have won four World Cups, 1991,1999,2015 and 2019, the decision to represent Fiji was a courageous one.

Given, she was ready to forfeit her chance on representing the country of her birth ever again and make her Fijian roots proud.

But after the professional hiatus, her chances of getting her first full national team call up was even greater.

Under the new FIFA wording, it would let players switch eligibility if they played a maximum of three times for the first national team -- including tournament qualifying games before they turned 21.

While Trina is still 19, she has made 7 appearances during the 2018 OFC Women's Nations Cup qualification tournament and scored 9 goals and that shuns her return to all USA national teams.

Trina is every aspiring woman footballers’ inspiration.

And she is Fiji’s lucky draw for the upcoming Women's World Cup 2023 qualifications.

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