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New dawn for women's football

Opinions / Analysis

PAST Saturday was a historic day for women football in the country.

For the first time in history, women footballers played in the newly formed Women's Super League.

It is a huge milestone for women’s football, that has come of age in time to make the very most of such a moment.

Across the world women’s league is growing in popularity and while we have just stepped in, we must step up and take the sport to the next level.

While the misogyny of the past has been rooted out, sexism, unfortunately, has not completely disappeared.

And now it is our time to be fluent on the point of obliterating that mindset and embrace the inclusiveness that our women so deserve.

Women’s football deserves much respect, and every effort must be made to help and support them, and hopefully have them earn a living out of the sport soon.

There needs to be better training and development in the tactical and technical area, with special focus on diet and conditioning.

The first 6 team Women’s Super League is the way forward for the country for competition and identifying players for the nation, who will be justly proud of the players’ achievements.

Our women have made every sport, have won championships in singles, doubles and team sports and have rode the thrills of being on the podium.

‘Yes, they have’, and with time our women footballers will make the country proud.

The new competition is funded through FIFA's new women's development program and the Fiji FA hopes it can evolve into a professional competition by 2023 and needs to be championed.

Labasa, Ba, Suva, Rewa, Nadroga and Tailevu Naitasiri compete in the Women's Super League, with the remaining 12 clubs to contest a second-tier competition.

For women’s football, it is the dawn of the new era, football has triumphed.

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