Fijian Drua win the Super W rugby title with a 32-26 comeback victory at Melbourne's AAMI Park

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Boxers shame the sport

Opinions / Analysis

The Chaotic scene that unfolded during Saturday’s South Pacific Boxing Promotions event sheds a negative light on the sport.

The Fiji lightweight title knockout decision to Ronald Naidu against Nathen Singh spilled anger at Prince Charles Park.

The bane of the frustration was directed at referee, Jerry Ledua who stopped the fight after Singh hit the canvas in the 10th round.

Nathen’s team challenged the referee’s decision, who felt the boxer was denied a standing count.

While the decision was upheld, what was shocking to the fans was Fiji’s heavyweight champion James Singh ran a triad on Naidu’s trainer Francis Shane who was celebrating ringside.

James did not like Shane’s over the top celebrations as he was rooting for Nathen to win the fight.

James had to be restrained by a team of Policemen and removed out of the concourse.

Nathan’s older brother Sebastian Singh also created a scene, he spewed the anger filled profanities towards the Fiji Boxing Commission at ringside, he was also made to walk out of the arena.

James and Sebastian both let down the fans and the sport, otherwise an eventful night of boxing that drew the biggest crowd in recent times.

James and Sebastian Singh must be mindful of the fact that they are professional boxers, not street fighters who could push their weight around the sport and usher new boxing rules to celebrations order.

They need to follow the just rules of the governance and the sport.

And what else they need to understand is that they are not referees, judges, and or because of their status they can intimidate people or prevent them from enjoying the moment.

It is what it is.

Their actions could reduce public confidence in the sport's legitimacy and turn people off.

The unruly boxers need to understand that there is no boxing without the fans, who are the purse for the fighters, if you will.

It is the fans that sacrifice their time and hard-earned money to watch good fights and not the after made shows.

If the Nathen team feels they were not given a fair go at the decision, then they have what is called a ‘Grievance’ against the referee.

They could always write to the governance seeking an explanation.

The FBC is there to hear them out as they want to see the sport to grow in the leaps and bounds.

For James and Sebastian must be held accountable for their unsportsmanlike behaviour as no boxer, big or small is above the sport.

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