Fijian Drua win the Super W rugby title with a 32-26 comeback victory at Melbourne's AAMI Park

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It comes down to desire and willpower

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FOR Team Fiji men’s sevens team’s desire to win the gold comes down hand-in-hand with willpower.

The willpower will get them to overcome adversity and beat all obstacles.

And starting tomorrow Fiji will embark on a journey that would see them try to replicate the glorious domination of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

With a clean pair of heels, the team needs to get a runaway start against the host nation Japan in its opening game, followed by games against Canada and 2016 silver medalist Team Great Britain.

And for the team, it comes down to tenacity and resolve that will inspire them to initiate progression with every competitor's never-ending work rate.

In what would be a fierce and real competition, the team needs a lot more than just greatness to win the glamorous gold.

It isn’t only about one’s individual brilliance, but countless things that constitute success at the grandest stage of all.

Two things rule the roost when it comes to winning it all.

Firstly, how the team performs as those holds the key to greatness and secondly, luck.

If luck deserts you even for a single moment, irrespective of how great and scintillating you are, the gold will only act as a mirage for the players.

Head coach Gareth Baber sounded upbeat about how prepared the team is for the Olympic Games.

He said the players are where they needed to be before the start of the event.

“There’s quality players and the character within the group”.

“They’re in good spirits, physically and mentally”, he said.

The 3-day sevens event will come down to the physical embodiment of the desire and the willpower, that we will bring home the gold medal.

And that, hand in hand, the team will bring the ecstasy of the gold medal celebration.

We believe.

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