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Good IDC work gone bad

Opinions / Analysis

THE Veterans Inter District tournament in Vancouver will go down as a massive disappointment.

For all the hard work that was being put in by the organizers amounted to nothing following the grand finale chaos.

The match between Nadi and Ba was abandoned, days later a decision was made to award the championship to Nadi after Ba was cited as the instigator.

American author, Zig Ziglar’s philosophy, rings true ‘’There is power in words. What you say is what you get.”

In a first and what is worthy of mention is that never in the history of the Fijian football an IDC was entry free and provided day lunches to teams.

It was all made possible through sponsorship.

The organizers used the true powers of words to convince the businesses and individuals, something the league failed to do over the years.

The sponsorship comes down to approach, the lack of it had the businesses turn reluctant.

What the Fijian League needs to learn is to follow the organizers' suit in the way of words, which is vital.

And learn to do away with imposing fancy laws and costs on teams as that got them nowhere in decades.

All it does is siphoning football interest, the complete collapse of premier football is a testament of one of many failures.

They also need to strike a balance between good governance and long term success by way of involving people who can traverse the league to new heights, the IDC organizers have proved it.

And with the comical end to the sponsor funded IDC, it is the organizers who are left to deal with embarrassment, and that determines how they achieve success in the future.

Let’s not gloss over the IDC as being successful, the tournament ended in complete chaos.

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