Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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FANCA's greed knows no bounds

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THE FANCA Federation’s greed knows no bounds.

And that raises serious ethical questions.

The federation that was formed on the parallels of fairness, inclusiveness, equality, and transparency, is anything but.

While all the hype surrounds the 25th year anniversary of the federation, seeded in Vancouver, in 1997, it has turned more business like.


It is learnt that after securing corporate sponsorships from Ram’s Cleaning and Digicel, and instead of giving teams entry free holiday, nations have been levied a $1000 entry fees.

What is even more preposterous is that the distribution of gate-takings from the 5-day tournament have host nation Fiji and FANCA Federation cashing in 50 percent.

Now that raises the parity question on the part of the organization.

Fiji makes money

Fiji gets 40 percent of the gate taking on top of the $2500 as hosting expenses, with FANCA Federation collecting 10 percent, and that leaves the four overseas nations sharing the remaining 50 percent.

A source close to this website has revealed that Tebara Halal Meats has bought the jersey naming rights valued at an undisclosed sum, on top of the allocation already announced.

The entry fees, distribution of funds, raises the ethical and moral obligation of the federation towards its membership.

Struggling economy

With the harsh economic turn-down faced by countries world over and its slow recovery, all funds raised should have been equally distributed among the FANCA nations.

Fiji is not the only country that faced the worst of Covid-19 pandemic.

Overseas countries have suffered just as much, the luxuries of living overseas does not suggest that money is in the abundance.

Good living comes at a cost, demanding work, and the notion that money ‘grows on tress’ is just a myth, live it to experience it.

Cost borne for overseas teams

What FANCA head honchos needed to understand is that overseas nations raise massive amounts of funds, more than $50,000 for Fiji trip, and there is no denying that with the distribution set-out, Fiji relies heavily on handouts.

Explain breakdown

The federation must disclose the sponsorship funds, explain about the unfair gate taking distributions, and prize money involved, or if there is one.

Hold those in power

Hold to account those who hold the positions dearly, and do not let positions misrepresent the FANCA membership.

Demand fairness

The federation must uphold the values of equality as inscribed in the constitution, anything less is unacceptable.



+1 #1 GreedMustaq Shah 2022-07-31 16:14
Fiji has sold the jersey naming rights to Tebara Meats for about $16k, while legends, Veteran and Masters are left to deal.
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