New Zealand Nadi Legends and Nadi Legends in a group picture after the inaugural Joe Lutumailagi Cup game in Nadi yesterday. NZ Nadi won 2-1.

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Rewa buries old hatchet

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REWA have finally broken out of their bad habit to win football's first premier league title.

A plus one goal differential on title tailgaters Suva have the Delta Tigers celebrate the elusive spoils, the only title that evaded the team since the inception of the league in 1977.

And 45 years on, hugs and tears of joy told a story of the team that ever longed for the league title.

It all accentuated on the mighty boots of Setareki Hughes, the team’s go to star who curled in a beautiful goal to kill dead and bury interred of years of bad omen in the ground.

Time lapse

What an amazing time lapse for the organization, that with some of the cream of the crop of the past Rewa failed to stamp their mark as league champions.

What footballers missed; the tiger cubs have successfully laid down the marker into history.

In good footballing spirit the title represents all players, past and present who have so proudly draped in the red attire.

Title hunt

With former rep, Marika Rodu as coach, the Tigers were on the prowl for the title for a few years, finishing second and third on league table, but when opportunity served, contenders Lautoka and Suva both fell victims, the former became the prized prey at Ratu Cakabou Park, the hunting ground for the Delta Tigers.

The organization has finally buried the old hatchet, tears of joy rolled down top down of the association, footballers, and fans, who unerringly supported the team over the years.

Rodu, who had voiced disgust at the team for not doing well in the OFC Champions League tournament last month and failing to ratchet up intensity during the finals of the Battle of the Giants, was ecstatic at the final whistle, he looked skyward and thanked God for the end in league drought.

“All praises to God, for winning the first league championship in the history of Rewa football.”

“Players, officials, and fans who stood loyal over the years have a reason to celebrate and why not.

“It has been 45 years in the making, we did it at home.”

Dream comes true

Nazeel Buksh, the Rewa president rode the highs and lows with the team since becoming the head honcho of the district.

He said it seems unreal that the team has won the league title.

“My only dream was to win the national league, it has finally happened,” he said.

“I cannot praise enough my officials, players, coach, and the fans, who all played a role in ending the 45-year-old league dry run.

“Dreams do come true.”

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